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    - The app keeps crashing/freezing - what should I do?


    Usually memory issues on your device can cause an app crash/freeze. Try restart your device in order to clear the memory. If you still experience problems, please get in touch with our support team using the contact us link below.

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  • Cazanova - Description



    ENRICH YOUR SEX LIFE NOW with more than 100 beautifully illustrated Kama Sutra positions!



    Cazanova is the ultimate sex guide that unlocks the secrets of the Kama Sutra – the most ancient, renowned and explicit guide to sex positions.


    Either if you are an experienced lover or just want to experiment, this guide is for you as it opens up a new and exotic world of knowledge that will change your sex life for ever!


    There are a lot of Kama Sutra apps, but none of them even come close to Cazanova. However we encourage you to try them and see yourself why Cazanova has no match!





    Entertain yourself with over 2000 amazing sex facts!

    Find adult entertainment and choose from a wide range of Countries and Categories how to enjoy your time!



    Cazanova is simply unparalleled!








    • Beautifully designed, easy-to-use interface

    • 101 illustrated positions, organized into 7 categories

    • Exceptional descriptions for all positions

    • 5 Countries: United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Greece, Cyprus

    • 4 Categories

    • Search Places by Name, Address, Zip Code, City, State, and Distance

    • Save your favorite places

    • Optimized for the best performance and user experience

    • Internal Social Network

    • Frequent updates based on our fans request!

    • More than 2000 fascinating SEX FACTS that will blow you away!

    • No advertising within the app

    • No monthly fees

    • FREE lifetime updates!!!







    Simple user interface

    • No complex stuff, you'll get started at once

    • Simplicity is the main characteristic of Cazanova


    Caza Sutra section - Over one hundred Kama Sutra Sex Positions

    • 101 fully illustrated positions | Original Kama Sutra positions

    • Positions are organized into 7 categories - Quickly accessible

    • Step by step instructions that will help you master every position


    Five Countries waiting for you!

    • United Kingdom

    • Czech Republic

    • Netherlands

    • Greece

    • Cyprus


    4 Categories to satisfy your Desires

    • Lifestyle Clubs

    • Strip Clubs

    • Sex Shops

    • Short Stay Hotels



    *These Categories are the total from all 5 Countries.


    Locate Places

    • Nearest - See listings sorted by distance from your current position

    • Search - You can search places by name, address, zip code, city and state (if they are available)

    • Favorites -  Mark places to your favorite list and find them later easily

    • Get Directions using the best and most accurate Maps Worldwide


    More than 2000 SEX FACTS

    • Entertain yourself for hours with the most interesting, odd and funny sex facts you've ever read!

    • Well-organized sections with beautiful easy-to-read interface


    Internal Social Network

    • Make friends, comment, send messages, check in, upload photos and videos, there are no limits!

    • Make a profile or simply sign in with your facebook or twitter account

    • Share your status on facebook or twitter if you like


    Countries that will be added in future updates

    • USA

    • Thailland

    • Canada

    • Mexico

    • Costa Rica

    • Japan

    • Romania

    • Russia

    • Italy

    • Hungary

    • France

    • Spain

    • Germany

    • Switzerland

    • Austria

    • Australia



    Terms of Use:

    Please upload photos or videos free of nudity and/or porn on Cazanova's social network. The same applies for your public profile pictures.

    Violation of these simple terms will result in profile deletion without further warning.


    Note: Cazanova is colossal and is very difficult to check regularly such a vast Database in order to be reliable. Cazanova's soul is its users and you can help Cazanova to be as accurate as possible with your valuable feedback.











  • How to search Places


    Cazanova has an immense database of adult entertainment venues.


    When you are at the main screen choose the country of interest. A list will be revealed which is sorted by distance from your current position. All categories are included on this list.







































    In the top right corner of your screen tap "All" tab and select the category of your desire.








































    A new list sorted by distance from you will show up which includes the places of your selected category.

    Scroll down and select the place you wish. Tap "Directions" and that's it!


















































    Apple Maps or Google Maps will open depending on your preferences. Hit the car icon then start/start navigation

    and have fun!




























  • Social Network



    - How can I write comments or upload photos and videos on wall?


    On wall you can comment, upload photos, youtube videos and all the other stuff a social network can offer.


    You have to make a profile or sign in/up with your facebook/twitter account as a means to do all the things above.

    Go to "Profile" at the main screen and from there enter your desired nickname or email and password.

    Alternatively you can sign in/up with your other accounts (Facebook, Twitter)












































    If you want to upload a photo, sign in, tap the status tab and hit the icon with the plus sign (+) and photographic machine.









































    If you wish to upload a youtube video just copy the URL of the video and paste it on your status.



    - How can I add a place in favorites?


    Hit the "Add to Favorites" button when you find a place you like and automatically will be added to My places.















































    - Can I upload photos or videos with nudity or porn?


    Sexy photos and videos  are allowed but you can't upload photos or videos with nudity and/or porn on Cazanova's

    social network. The same applies for your public profile pictures.


    Pornographic material is forbidden on the App Store. If you upload such a photo/video we will be in the uncomfortable position of deleting your account. We hope on your understanding.





  • Updates




    - How do I update Cazanova?


    To view changes/updates, you'll need to manually "restart" the app.


    1. When on the iphone's home-screen, double-tap the "Home" button.

    2. This will bring up a list of apps running in the device's background.

    3. To close Cazanova, you simply swipe upwards on the app's thumbnail to dismiss it.

    4. Find Cazanova on the homescreen, and tap it again to open it up.

    5. You should see changes/updates appear!



    - Will you add more sex positions?


    Absolutely. Expect more sex positions in the near future!



    - When will you release more Countries?


    Cazanova is updated frequently and expect a new Country every 1-2 months.

    Keep an eye on our facebook fan page for news and updates!



    - How many Countries exactly will be added?


    Cazanova is going to include more than 50 countries worldwide.




    - Will I have to pay for these Countries in the future?


    You have lifetime free updates.

    That means you don't have to pay a cent.



    - Cazanova is so cool - what should I do?


    Keep calm and drink some water.

    When you feel better like us on facebook and tell your friends about it.









  • More



    Supported devices



    Cazanova supports iOS 5.1 or later and is optimized for iphone 5/5s


    Cazanova does not support jailbroken iOS devices




    Still struggling to find what you're looking for? Looking for more information about Cazanova?


    You can contact with us and ask any information you want about Cazanova.

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